CAMA EA6 Curved Incline Platform Lift New design for 2024

EA6 Incline Platform lifts for Curved Staircases.

The S6 incline platform lift offers a tailor-made approach from the outset. Each lift is individually manufactured to the curve, width and length of the specific staircase quoted and therefore designed to perfectly fit your staircase without significant alterations (in most cases, none). The S6 wheelchair stairlift is an excellent choice for a straight staircase with a mid-landing. Check out our CAMA EA9 Stairlift incline platform lift for straight staircases.

The aluminium round top rail system looks like a typical bannister and therefore fits seamlessly into the existing surroundings for internal and external use.

Load: 300 Kg.

Safety features: 

Safety arms help to prevent the user from tipping from the platform, and platform ramps to the front and back have touch safety features that recognise any obstruction and stop the lift should an accident occur. 

Further safety details: 

  1. Over-speed governor and brake.
  2. Pressure-sensitive ramps will stop the lift if it runs into an obstacle.
  3. Battery operation (Lift recharges when parked)
  4. Limit switches
  5. Thermal overload relay
  6. Manual release mechanism

Compliance:- CE Marked – BS6440 – Machinery Directive & Meets the requirements of the Building Regulations Part M

  • Rated Load 225 Kg
  • Speed Approximately 0.10 m/sec. (speed is reduced in the curves)
  • Power supply Charging point 220V AC - Lift 24V DC
  • Battery type Maintenance free
  • Rail diameter ​ Ø 50mm
  • Platform width folded up 350 mm
  • Platform width folded out 1050 mm
  • Platform standard sizes 1000 mm X 800 mm
  • Platform height min 780 mm

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