NEW RG2000 Concealed Goods Lift

300Kg to 2000Kg

Vivid Lifts Retractable Lifts


Single column hydraulic lifting system features a fully retractable lift car with a load-bearing roof for applications indoors and outdoors. This retractable Goods Lift is suitable for environments where space is confined or needs to be unobstructed.

The RG2000 Goods Lift can be installed on pavements, driveways or in front of listed buildings because one the lift is lowered becomes unnoticeable.Therefore an excellent choice for use in Wine CellarsHotels, and Restaurants and as a safe place to hide away Motorcycles, Cycles and Waste Bins.

Retractable Roof
The roof of the lift becomes the upper floor when at rest, which can be walked on and driven over and if exposed to bad weather can be equipped with a unique rainwater collection channel.

The Technical Specification below is based on the RG2000 1000Kg Model

Models available

RG 300 Kg – RG 500  Kg – RG 1000 Kg – RG 1500 Kg – RG 2000 Kg Please contact the office for Technical Specifications and drawings.


  • Load capacity [Kg] 1000
  • Max stroke [m] 16
  • Platform depth [mm] 1700/1900 Platform width [mm] 2500/1900
  • Platform depth [mm] 1700/1900
  • Pit [mm] 1400
  • Minimum Head Room [mm] 2150
  • Stops max 5
  • Three-phase power supply Motor [KW] 4

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