The WELL Building Standard™ (WELL) is the first building standard to focus exclusively on the health and wellness of people in buildings. WELL is a performance-based system for measuring and certifying features of buildings that impact human health and wellbeing, through air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. It marries best practices
in design and construction with evidence-based medical and scientific research – harnessing buildings and communities as a vehicle to support human wellbeing.

Contact: technical@wellcertified.com
Website – www.wellcertified.com

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s first sustainability rating scheme for the built environment. Through its application and use, BREEAM helps clients
to measure and reduce the impacts of their buildings and in doing so, create higher value, lower risk assets that are better for people and the environment.

Contact: breeam@bre.co.uk
Website – www.breeam.com

Are you looking to refresh your old lift equipment?

Are you looking to get your old passenger lift working like new?

If you have an old passenger lift in need of some TLC, speak to us today, and your lift may not need a full passenger lift replacement. Vivid Lifts has the expertise and experience to bring your old lift up to date.

We can refurbish and modernise all types of public/commercial and domestic lifts including platform lifts and have experience of upgrading all types of lifts regardless of the model, age or manufacturer.

By updating your old lift, you also improve safety and make your lift more efficient to run. No one likes using a dated lift Vivid lifts can refurbish your lift so that your lift is more pleasing on the eye to look at as well as adding value to the building and reducing your carbon footprint. Speak to Vivid Lifts about WELL, BREEAM and Sustainability.

Our goal is to ensure we keep lift breakdowns and downtime to an absolute minimum knowing this element is vital to your business, and we understand that out of action lift equipment means loss of sales and disappointments customers, particularly in the retail sector.

We offer a full range of lift services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our group of engineers ensures you’re in the safe hands 247.

Call Vivid Lifts today to discuss your lift problem, and our lift experts can solve it with the minimum amount of downtime and disruption.

Is it Time for yet for a Lift Refurbishment or Lift Modernisation?

  • Frequent call-outs and breakdowns?
  • High repair and running costs?
  • Lift car looking worn and in need of a fresh new feel?
  • Is your lift noisy, running slowly and expensive to operate?

Then it’s quite likely that’s its time to consider modernisation work or refurbishment.

Whether the upgrade is for safety, performance, design, function, energy or appearance, Vivid Lifts can make your lift, run smoother, safer and more reliable.

A platform lift is a lift type that moves persons or goods from one level to another safely and efficiently. A cost-effective smart concept that is available as a ready-made lift solution. Vivid Lifts platform lifts are prefabricated and very flexible in terms of sizes and design choices.

The benefits of a ready-made lift concept speeds up the installation and minimise the impact on the building. A conventional lift, for example, can take several weeks to install, whereas a 2-stop Vivid 5000 platform lift can be installed in just 2-3 days from start to finish.

The Vivid Lifts Platform Lift VA500E from the “A” Series of platform lifts is a platform lift that is a perfect solution for outdoor use. The full range from the “B” series and “C” are also great solutions for external use. We are also able to offer an external marine platform lift designed for the harsh external conditions. All external lifts are suitable for use in public, commercial and private buildings.

Our range of Lifestyle home lifts are designed for low structural impact and are a lot easier to integrate with your home than conventional elevators. Our range of home lifts includes the popular Lifestyle Compact and Lifestyle 4000, which are small enough to fit into your wardrobe!

We can typically install a lift anywhere in your property, providing there is enough space, and the lifts intended use is not compromised.

Hard to answer as we tailor for many lift solutions. Our Vivid 5000 platform lift from the “A” series is trendy along with the Vivid 6000 from the “C” series of cabin style platform lifts. Our S6 from the “S” series is also very popular, an excellent solution for straight staircases internal and external wheelchair stairlift solution.

Before you begin, understanding how you want your lift to fit into your lifestyle and home is the first step you should take. Our preparation checklist will help you decided what you are looking for and will also assist us on your basic requirements. Once you’ve completed your checklist, arrange a free home visit with one of our area sales managers to talk about your lift requirements. We can then go ahead and design your lift and prepare your quote.

All lifts from Vivid lifts are MRL type lift solutions and do not require a separate pump box or control cabinet. Together with minimum pit and headroom requirements and the integrated machine room, our choice of platform lifts are incredibly compact and have minimal impact on the footprint of the building.

You can completely customise your lift so that it perfectly complements your existing architectural styling to ensure your needs are met. A good starting point is also to think if you want your lift to be visible or hidden, secret, this option is also possible.
Colours, materials and fabrics can be mixed and matched doors, and lift cars can be wrapped with your favourite image the choice is yours the options are sometimes endless, thus ensuring the best results possible.

We do however have a standard range of options and a premium range of options available for the full range of lifts from Vivid lifts and if this is not to your requirements than our bespoke signature service is your next option, with a lift bespoke to your design rarely beaten.

The simple, honest answer depends on the lift choice and location.

Speak to our sales team once you’ve completed your checklist. This will allow us to give you an honest answer and lift type options that you can choose from.

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