Dumbwaiters and Service Lifts 50 Kg and 100 Kg Lifts in Stock Now.

Vivid Lifts Ltd range of Dumbwaiters are manufactured in Germany to very high standard with unrivalled quality, refined for over 50 years, manufactured to comply with current European Standards EN81-3.

Vivid Dumbwaiters 5 Kg, 50 Kg, 100Kg up to 250 Kg load capacity.

All dumbwaiters from Vivid Lifts are specially designed and tailored for moving drinks, hot and cold foods, documents and even laundry.

Our service lifts are ideal for Hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes, schools, universities, laboratories, commercial kitchens, offices, and even private homes to help heavy move objects even up to the loft area.

Most of the Vivid Lifts range of dumbwaiters operate as standard with stainless steel bi-parting landing doors and are fitted with a stainless-steel call and send buttons on each floor. Our lift cars are available and constructed from a choice of materials: – galvanised steel, stainless steel and Zintec.

Our bespoke dumbwaiter range is designed to suit a wide range of car sizes manufactured to suit your available footprint and travel dimensions.

Vivid Lifts, for your convenience, hold a stock of standard specification dumbwaiters that can be installed with 1 week from order, whilst our bespoke range of products are all designed and built specifically to order.

Standard Stock Dumbwaiter Lifts

We have ready to dispatch today 50 Kg and 100 Kg dumbwaiters developed to meet short lead times and ensure your business keeps running like clockwork.

Two options available from stock in different configurations due to the innovative design and available as either a two-stop Lift or a three-stop Lift. We can configure your Lift to, to a single or through entry. All stock dumbwaiter lifts are installed with stainless steel vertical bi-parting doors on each landing.

2 Stop Maximum travel of 4000 mm

3 Stop Maximum travel 7300 mm travel on both Lifts can easily be adjusted don-site.

Furthermore, both Lifts can be supplied to run on Standard UK single phase or 3 Phase electrics to add even more flexibility.

Lift Car and landing finishes across this range are manufactured to a High quality in stainless steel, with 2-hour fire-rated landing doors also as standard.

Other options to think about is the car entrance protection with two options to choose from Brushed Aluminium roller shutter

Stainless steel vertical bi-parting doors.

  • Vivid Advantage Specification STOCK LIFTS 50 Kg and 100 Kg
  • Capacity:- 50 Kg or 100 Kg.
  • Landings:- Two to Three stops.
  • Operating Speed up to:- 0.45m/s.
  • Drive System:- eco high efficiency traction drive.
  • Configurations:- Single or Through entry (adjustable on-site ) Two floors with up to Four entrances or Three floors with up to six entrances. Adjacent entry is also available.
  • Power:- 240 v (single phase) or 400 v (3 phase).
  • Travel:- Two stops/floors up to 4000 mm or Three stops/floors up to 7300 mm (travel adjustable on-site).
  • Shaft Structure:- Galvanised steel structure.
  • Landing Doors:- Two-hour fire rated Vertical bi-parting (Stainless Steel) doors, with safety locks fitted.
  • Control System:- Microprocessor controller with automatic push-button landing stations
  • Compliance:- EC Machinery Regulations 2006/42/EC and EN81-3:2000 Carries the CE Mark

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