A1000 Platform Lift


The most significant and most versatile platform lift model in the “A” Series.

The A1000 is the perfect lift solution for the transportation of multiple wheelchairs and heavy loads between floors. Flexible and robust platform lift that can travel up to 13M.

The A1000 lift also comes with the option of 6 landing doors on any three sides. The A1000 is the perfect low-maintenance lift solution for use in all public and commercial buildings such as sports centres, care homes, warehouses and restaurants. This lift is truly an all-rounder, due to its 2-in-1 versatility.

The A1000 Platform Lift 

Commercial 1000 Kg Platform Lift with a Powerful Capacity.

  • The A1000 from the “A” series is a high quality, fully enclosed commercial/public platform lift big brother of the A500 platform lift from Vivid Lifts “A” Series, with an impressive 1000 Kg weight capacity and landing doors up to 1300mm wide depending on the platform width. The A1000 is capable of travelling up to 13 meters and serving six levels on any three sides. 
  • The A1000 platform lift offers increased capacity, improved accessibility, stylish, robust and reliable design. The A1000 is designed with the flexibility to be fitted into most buildings with minimum building works required.
  • The A1000 comes in a range of platform sizes which are facilitated by the the super-sized landing doors which measure up to 1300mm wide, allowing increased access to the platform for wide loads such as stretcher beds and larger electric wheelchairs. The A1000 lift complies with Class III Health Care regulatory sizes, an ideal lift solution for transporting stretcher beds with attendants in care homes and welfare facilities.

Pit depth 110mm with no requirements for a structural shaft, self-supporting structures available, makes the A1000 the most powerful and flexible 1000 Kg and cost-effective vertical platform lift available.

  • VA1000 Kg Platform Lift Specification at a glance
  • 1000 Kg Load capacity
  • Class III Health Care regulatory sizes available. 1100mm (W) x 2200mm (D) space required 1560mm x 2310mm.
  • Travel up to 13m
  • Free standing options
  • Fully glazed options
  • Platform and Shaft Footprint Dimensions 3 standard platform sizes: 1405mm wide x 2500mm long (1890mm x 2610mm) 1405mm wide x 2000mm long (1890mm x 2110mm) 1105mm wide x 2200mm long (1595mm x 2310mm)* (Class III Health Care sizes)*

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