Vimec E07 Hydraulic Passenger Lift

Vivid C700 Hydraulic Cabin Platform Lift

The Vivid C700 Hydraulic Platform Lift system looks, feels and operates with style and is straightforward to function, similar to a conventional passenger lift.

The benefits of the Vivid C700 Platform Lift is not only a cost-saving lift solution but also because of the lifts minimum requirements saves in building work required. No Pit and head height 2600 mm for automatic sliding doors and 2250 for swing style doors. The C700, the Hydraulic version of the Traction version C800 lift solution, is a versatile compact commercial and public lift access solution, which can be designed for the Home by using lift car finishes from the Lifestyle Home Collection. Click here to visit the Vivid Lift Lifestyle Collection.


The Vivid C700 400Kg, Five Person platform lift, is an ideal Platform Lift Solution for commercial and public access lift solution requiring minimal building works

Easy to install in either a shaft or supporting structure, the Vivid C700 offers a flexible lift solution for commercial and public buildings were access is required without extensive building works.

Unlike other hydraulic lift systems, the C700 doesn’t require a full machine room, pit or extensive headroom at the upper floor.

C700 Safety Features

  • Auto-dialler linked to the lift car alarm button.
  • Battery backup with Emergency movement, to ensure the passenger’s safety and comfort at all times.
  • Overload protection.
  • Over-speed governor.

Optional C700 Options

  • Choose from the colour series your choice of car finishes.
  • Glazed or Solid Steel self-supporting structure.
  • Safe step flooring.
  • Half- or full-height mirror.
  • Lighting designs.
  • Extensive range of telescopic doors styles.
  • 2, 3 and 4-speed Automatic telescopic doors
  • 1-hour fire-rated protection.
  • Stainless steel, Bronze and Glazed options
  • i-button security control system to prevent unwanted use or floor security access.
  • Lift Type:- C700 Hydraulic Cabin Platform Lift
  • Environment:- Internal or External No of Floors served:- Two to Six - Max Travel 20 meters
  • Rated Speed:- 0.15 m/s Soft start - Soft Stop
  • Load Capacity:- 400 Kg
  • Drive System:- Direct-acting hydraulic twin roped.
  • Headroom:- 2400 mm Automatic doors- 2250 mm Swing style doors
  • Operation Controls:- One-touch operation- Landings and Lift car with Automatic doors
  • Power requirements:- 230V Single-Phase 20 Amp
  • Emergency Backup:- External emergency lowering from lift control cabinet.
  • Shaft requirements:- Masonry / Concrete by others or Self-supporting steel structure (Optional)
  • Doors styles:- Full height 2, 3 or 4 Speed telescopic automatic doors or Single swing style doors.
  • Compliance:- CE Marked EN81-70 - BS6440 - BS8300 - Machinery Directive & Meets the requirements of the Building Regulations Part M
  • Lift car size:- 1140 mm x 1430 mm Std size Shaft size:- 1455 mm (W) x 1735 mm (D) Over 30 Lift car sizes available
  • Std Door sizes:- 900 mm (W) 2000 mm Std Optional heights available 2100 mm & 2200 mm Over 10 door sizes available.
  • Pit depth:- 120 mm – 140 mm (Self supporting Structure)
  • Control Box Size:- 470 mm (D) x 750 mm (W) x 1680 mm (H) Located within 9 Meters of lift.

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