A600 Platform Lift

The V600 Platform Lift

The A600 Platform Lift, is an ideal lift solution for almost any application Internal, External and Marine applications. The A600 is fully compliant with the Building Regulations Part M and the Equality Act 2010 for building accessibility.

The A600 platform lift from the “A” series, is a direct acting hydraulic platform lift which comes complete with a self supporting fully glazed powder coated shaft/structure (requiring NO wall fixings) hence minimal building works required for the lift installation. With the ability for multiple stops and landing doors on any of the three sides of the shaft. The VA 600 will give you a flexible choice in your design process.

The A600 Platform Lift lift is suitable for Internal, External and Marine Environments with the following standard features.

  1. Voice annunciation
  2. Landing arrival gongs
  3. Level indicators
  4. Auto-dialler (two-way communication)

The above inclusions ensures full compliance to the European standard EN 81:41.

  • Travel MAX 7000 mm
  • 6 Stops/6 Entrances
  • Rated Load 400 Kg.
  • External and Marine applications lifts are supply as standard with electrical components rated to IP65.
  • All A600 Marine Lifts are upgraded to withstand the corrosive atmosphere found in Swimming Pools and Seaside locations.

A600 Lift Controls

  • All lift controls fitted as standard are vandal resistant and braille with a halo surround which is illuminated when pressed.
    • All landing call buttons and carriage console controls are mounted on stainless steel face-plates.

A600 Safety Features

  • Platform Overload Device– Prevents the lift from operating if the platform is overloaded.
  • Anti-Rupture Safety Valve- If the hydraulic hose fails, then the lift will descend at a slow safe speed.
  • Platform Safety Edge (Platform-Carriage)Prevents the lift from operating if there is an obstruction around the platform safety edge.
  • Electrically and Mechanically Interlocked Doors- The lift will not operate if the door is not fully closed on any level.
  • Battery Backed Alarm– This standard feature in the event of a power failure, ensures that the alarm operates to alert assistance.
  • Emergency Battery Lowering- In the event of a power cut, the lift can still be lowered to the ground floor, and the lift will unlock using the normal ‘down’ button.

A600 Standard Platform Dimensions

  • Platform usable area 900 mm x 1250 mm (W) x (D) Pit/Aperture 1100 mm x 11350 mm (W) x (D)
  • Platform usable area 900 mm x 1400 mm (W) x (D) Pit/Aperture 1100 mm x 1550 mm(W) x (D)
  • Platform usable area 1100 mm x 1400 mm (W) x (D) Pit/Aperture 1300 mm x 1550 mm (W) x (D)

Special platform sizes available please contact the office for further details.

A600 Platform Lift Options

  • Key Switches- Ability to lock the lift to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Powered Doors- Doors open at the touch of a button automatically.
  • Fire Doors– Two options available
    • Half-hour Wooden fire doors
    • One-hour Steel fire doors.
  • Full Battery Operation– For total peace of mind in the event of a power cut, the A600 lift will still operate in both directions.

A600 Platform Lift Colour Options

  • Standard colours choice of four to chose from.
    • Blue
    • Grey
    • Cream
    • Goose Grey

Need more of a colour choice to suit your décor ? Chose any colour the BS or RAL range of colours. Brushed Stainless Steel options available.

  • Standard Load capacity:- 400Kg Including soft start - soft stop
  • Rated Speed:- 0.10 m/s
  • Drive System:- Direct Hydraulic driven by 0.55 kW Motor Running current 4.5A.
  • Floors served:- 2 to 6 Floors Doors can be positioned on any 3 sides.
  • Travel:- Up to 7 Meters
  • Environment:- Internal, External & Marine (Swimming Pool) options
  • Pit depth:- 85mm or Ramp can be supplied
  • Standard Platform Sizes:- 1100mm x 1400mm Part M compliant for wheelchair user & attendant 1400mm x 900mm & 1250mm x 900mm
  • Top height:- 2240mm Shaft height can be extended to allow suspended ceiling to fix into shaft.
  • Shaft enclosure:- Probably the strongest modular shaft on the market allowing the lift to be FREE STANDING.
  • Standard shaft colours:- White, Goose Grey, Cream and Sapphire Blue Optional RAL Available

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